About Us

At 46 Clubhouse we’re writers, not journalists. We want to provide a news source for all things that have to do with Creative Writing, mostly Poetry, Literary Fiction, and Creative Nonfiction.

We will post original content on our Front Page, articles about books, writers, and literary humor, and we will also include multiple RSS feeds from other websites that would be of interest to the Creative Writing community.

We know how difficult it is for independent presses and writers to receive the cultural attention that they deserve, so part of our mission is to promote  small presses and independent bookstores.

In our Front Page we will cover the “big” names, but we will also include articles and links about brilliant writers who publish with the small presses.

46 Clubhouse also offers author services, including web design and author newsletter production (see below).

We are writers helping writers get their word out.




About our Services


While born out of the creative scene in Venice, California, the 46 Clubhouse network of marketing professionals and authors are located nationwide.

46 Clubhouse is a full-service marketing agency for authors. We are passionate about helping creative writers build their personal brands and grow their audience reach over the course of their careers. Whether you’re an MFA student or a seasoned author, we can deliver the visibility your work deserves.

Our core services include:

website design
website hosting
website maintenance
graphic design (print and digital projects)
social media strategy
internet advertising
search engine optimization

Our author-specific services include:

booking services
author branding
manuscript editing/coaching

Our publishing services include:

ebook creation
ebook publishing
cover design
copy editing
sales tracking

Our corporate marketing services include:

corporate storytelling
social-media consulting
content marketing/strategy consulting

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The 46 Clubhouse team includes both senior marketing professionals and published authors.