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Published on July 12th, 2016


Why People Hate Poetry


Really? Do people hate poetry?

Maybe they just hate poets, especially the weird ones. You know, the ones who go to open mics and read misogynist poems from their hand-written notebooks, about women who won’t sleep with them.

As poets ourselves, we have a theory as to why people might “hate” poetry.

Anytime you enter a discourse community, you need to learn the language, which allows you access to a metaphorical system.

This isn’t just with poets, but with anybody who has their own language, their own metaphors, their own similes. Recall the Steve Martin joke from his first album, a joke he wrote specifically for plumbers, who he claimed were in the audience that night.

Listen here:

We don’t think people hate poetry, we just think some people don’t have the language to access it.

Nonetheless, here’s an intelligent article on why people may hate it.

I had a friend I used to drink beer with when I was about 16, and we played Bob Seger as we sat under the fruitless mulberry tree in his front yard.
One time, he raised his bottle for a toast and said, “A day without Bob Seger is like a day without sunshine.”

Replace Bob Seger with poetry?


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