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Published on February 21st, 2014


Borges Really Loved to Do This

It’s well known that a favorite activity of the late Argentine Bard, Jorge Luis Borges, was to take walks in the city with one or two companions and just talk. Ask Willis Barnestone, who’s memoir With Borges On An Ordinary Night in Buenos Aires chronicles some of the great walks and conversations he had with “Georgie,” the name his English grandmother gave him, and one that stuck to him throughout his childhood.

Together Willis and Borges walked the labyrinthine streets of Buenos Aires.

Borges would do most of the talking, of course, but for his companions, a walk with him must have been  an amazing experience.

Now you too can hear Borges talk, as if you’re walking with him through Cambridge.

Now available to stream are the complete Norton Lectures Borges gave at Harvard between 1967 and 1968.

Called “This Craft of Verse” he talks about such subjects as the metaphor, thought and poetry, and the poet’s creed.

You can listen to all six of them in their entirety on a website called

This Craft of Verse. The Norton Lectures.

Click on the link above, close your eyes, imagine you and Borges are walking through the streets of your  city, maybe pausing to look at doors and windows.



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