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Published on February 20th, 2014


It’s a Small World Books After All

One of the most recognizable restaurants on Venice Beach is the Sidewalk Cafe, and it hides the portal into another world, into Small World Books, an independent bookstore with a decent poetry and a great selection of fiction and creative nonfiction. Inside this independent bookstore,  you’ll be in a world you love , the Borgian dream of heaven with lots of books, only a smaller version of it.

The owner of Small World doesn’t seem to hold the same assumptions about books as  Amazon’s 100 Best Books to Read Before You die. It has big-house authors, lots of them, but it also has a nice collection of books from independent presses.

obama poetry

We were happy to find a copy of Chopper! Chopper! Poetry From Bordered Lives by Verónica Reyes. We found it under a section titled New Poetry, which is located under the loving smile of a giant Barak  Obamas.

When you’re on the Venice Ocean Walk strolling through the clouds of pot smoke and whiffs of patchouli oil, why not stop and buy a book, support the independent vendor?

Insider tip: If you eat at the restaurant that hides the portal into this little world of books, you can order a meal and it will keep the bookstore open, even in tough literary times. Or go inside the bar and have a drink while you watch games on the giant HD flatscreens.

At the Sidewalk Cafe, try the Walt Whitman omelet, which comes with  bacon and cheese, which sounds like an American Breakfast to us.


Or how about the William Faulkner, thin sliced ham and your choice of cheese.

Sounds like something Dalton Ames would have loved.

You can eat comfortable with the knowledge that everything you eat at the World Café keeps the bookstore open.

You can have your books and eat them too.

46 Clubhouse supports independent bookstores and will frequently feature them in our news feed.




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