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Published on February 20th, 2014


App Uses Literary Storylines to Engage Kids

There’s that story from a couple of years ago of the 1-year-old child attempting to interact with a magazine as if it were an iPad.

When the video first went viral, in 2011, about ten percent of children under the age of 2 had used a mobile device for media. Today, that number is around 38 percent.

Let’s face it, despite some of our concerns, millennials are making way to the touch-screen generation.

Is this further evidence that kids today will grow up to be disinterested in non-interactive media and entertainment (like books!).

Well, maybe not if the Library of Congress, BYU, and the Ad Council have anything to do with it. The collaboration has just released a new literary, web-based gaming app that can be played on any computing device, including touch-screen tablets and traditional PCs.

“Readers to the Rescue” is designed to introduce young children to classic, literary storylines that they’ll (hopefully) be interested in reading about in book form as they grow older.

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