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Published on February 3rd, 2014


Literary Book Trailers That Should Make You Want to Buy Books

Book trailers are becoming increasingly popular and maybe even necessary for works of literary fiction and creative nonfiction, even poetry.

Whether they are created by students in college-level literature classes, fans of great books, the author’s themselves or big publishing houses with huge budgets, the trailers intention is to inspire reading a book.

In that respect, they can’t be a bad trend.

Anything that encourages the public to buy a book and read it is all right with us.

Here’s a sample of existing book trailers, some of brilliant, some of them provocative, and some, well, interesting.

Mañana Means Heaven by Tim Z. Hernandez


Maddaddam, novel by Margaret Atwood


The Boy at the Gate, Memoir by Danny Ellis

Boy at the gate image

As I Lay Dying, Novel by  William Faulkner

Asi lay dying image

Native Speaker, Novel by Chang Rae Lee

native speaker image

Lowboy, Novel by John Wray


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