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Published on February 2nd, 2014


From Verse to Hollywood

A poet may never find the pleasure or displeasure of seeing her work adapted to a Hollywood movie (or Bollywood for that matter). That’s something only a handful of literary fiction writers have ever experienced, but there are times when poems have appeared in movies, usually read poorly by sappy characters, and often times the works are misinterpreted and taken entirely out of context.

But sometimes they just get it right, and if you’re a poet or a lover of poetry, these moments are precious, worth a million car-chase scenes and bloody shoot outs and full frontal love scenes.

Here’s a link to, where they have compiled the best list we know of wherein poems appear in the movies. Poems in Film


“One Art” by Elizabth Bishop is one of our favorite poems, and although In Her Shoes wasn’t necessarily the best movie ever made, you got to hand to them for this (quite frankly) awesome moment. Sure, it’s a bit patriarchal  that an old man has to teach a woman how to read  a poem by a woman, but still, it’s nice.

I mean, for Hollywood.

한 가지 기술 from mathilde on Vimeo.

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